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Environmental economics

Hedonic cost function - measures the cost of traveling to several sites each with different characteristics. A different regression is performed for each place of origin:. This coefficient is the implicit price per unit of that attribute. Stage 2. From this, you can measures changes in WTP given changes in site attributes. However: Hedonic TCMs have come under severe criticism because they do not have market determined prices like regular i.

As a result, Hedonic TCM sometimes results in unexplainable negative implicit prices for attributes. RUMs are used to measure the economic impacts of changes in recreation site quality. But, rather than modeling the number of visits to a site over time as, per year , RUMs model an individual's decision process when choosing among alternative recreation sites with different attributes. An example of a RUM situation:.

Consider that a person can fish at many possible streams. Each stream is a different distance hence travel cost varies.

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Each stream has different characteristics water quality, fish populations which will effect choice. These are independent variables. Form of the RUM Regression model:. RUMs use the form of a multinomial logistical regression model i. Contingent valuation method. Many important valuation problems are non-observable; i. Some of these situations involve potential rather than actual policy changes.

Such cases call for value measurement methods which use hypothetical, constructed markets. The name contingent derives from asking people what they would be willing to pay contingent upon some hypothetical change in the state of the world. What is the maximum amount you would be willing to pay for this change? CVM is a stated preference technique used to estimate WTP for nonmarket and non-use public resources.

It is a direct method of estimating value. You ask people directly to tell you their WTP. CVM, is the only method available for valuing bequest, existence and option values, however it is used for other applications as well. Get a representative sample of the population.

The payment vehicle should be realistic, plausible and a non-controversial means of financing public projects. Kerry Smith says: the current state-of-the-art recommends a mix of focus groups, interviews, pe-tests with information, visual aids and circumstances to frame the CV questions.

This method has resulted in high rates of non-response or relatively large numbers of implausible valuations. It is now recognized that this method puts the respondent into a unfamiliar situation. Or, alternatively, if the initial response is no then reduce the price until yes. Problem: It has been statistically shown that the starting point influences the final response. Hence, starting point bias. Respondents are given comparative taxes and prices of goods to help put responses into perspective.

Payment cards reduce starting point bias. Generally, the function indicates that the lower the price the higher the probability of payment. This method is subject to yes-saying bias: people tend to agree with interviewers. Example: low price-low water quality, high price-high water quality.

Respondents rank the combinations from most to least preferred.

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Criticisms of CVM:. CVM is hypothetical. There are problems of meaning, context and familiarity that unfavorably influence CVM results. CVM questionnaires are not always neutral; they may influence the response. Judgement bias - respondents may make errors in judgement regarding their own WTP. WTP vs. Strategic bidding behavior - people may tend to strategize in their bids through: a free riding, b over bidding.

Valuing Natural Resources

Scope problem - does the individuals WTP vary directly with the scope of the proposed project? A question: Why not have them just mail in a real check rather than make a hypothetical WTP bid?

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  • Precisely because the situation is hypothetical and may never happen. How do you get someone to give you a check for bequest value or existence value What do you do tell them that you will do with the checks for hypothetical proposed change that may never occur? Surely their actual payment would be far below their true WTP simply for not knowing where the check will go.

    Thus the entire exercise must be hypothetical. How Reliable is CVM? The 2 biggest problems with CVM reliability relate to:. Unfortunately, there is no unambiguous way to address these questions.

    Most studies indicate that strategizing does not appear to be a general problem; it is more a problem with issues of local importance. A number of studies have been done to measure CVM accuracy and consistency.

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    Accuracy: CVM, when a true comparison exists, tends to be higher than actual, but often not significantly so. Consistency: Over time, individuals tend to be consistent in their responses. CV choices should respond to the scope of the proposed project. CV choices should respond to economic variables hypothesized to be important to actual choices.

    CV estimates for important objects should have significantly greater WTP than that for less important objects. The NOAA panel concluded The differences in incomes, again, after considering all other job characteristics, can be used to develop estimates about the value of avoiding the health risk. Reblog 0. Subscribe in a reader. Bringing to bear a large quantity of external sources and articles, this blog presents a clear vision of what economic environmentalism can be.

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    The env-econ. Get some ink, just don't stop blogging. My colleagues and I actually laughed out loud at some of the posts!

    Valuation Methods

    So, who needs the public affirmation of high rankings when you've got hordes of loyal readers? Something doesn't fit. Don't be intimidated by the economics angle. It's never abstruse or technical. Instead, the tone is straightforward and forthright, at times bracing or breezy. That is a very nice service to the profession.

    I try and read the blog everyday and have pointed it out to other faculty who have their students read it for class. It is truly one of the best things in the blogosphere.

    Hedonic Pricing

    Whitehead, Econ Journal Watch , 14 3 : —, September With regards to valuing properties, a hedonic pricing model is relatively straightforward as relies on actual market prices and comprehensive, available data sets. Hedonic pricing is used to determine the extent that environmental or ecosystem factors affect the price of a good—usually a home. The hedonic pricing model has many advantages, including the ability to estimate values, based on concrete choices, particularly when applied to property markets with readily available, accurate data.

    At the same time, the method is flexible enough to be adapted to relationships among other market goods and external factors. For example, if potential buyers are not aware of a contaminated water supply or impending early morning construction next door, the price of the property in question will not change accordingly. Hedonic pricing also does not always incorporate external factors or regulations, such as taxes and interest rates, which could also have a significant impact on prices.

    Consider home prices, which are an easy way t value certain environmental aspects. For example, a home close to parks or schools may sell for a premium. Meanwhile, a home right on a major highway may sell for less. For the home price example, the price of the home would be analyzed based on independent variables, such as distance from a park. Financial Analysis.

    Purchasing A Home. Real Estate Investing.