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The movie was never made. She was promised that a production assistant and a casting director would be present. Dadis said Seagal asked her to take off her clothes and walk through the room in her bikini. Her mother, Ute, said her daughter told her what happened about a week later. Both Dadis and Simons share an agent, but said they did not discuss their accounts before deciding to come forward.

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct scandal, women and men alike have been more vocal about speaking out against unwanted sexual advances and contact. The accusations have been many, and the reaction and fallout has been swift across the industry. Brett Ratner. Six women have accused the director and producer of sexual misconduct, including Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge.

Fallout : Ratner chose to personally step away from all Warner Bros. Ratner has filed a libel lawsuit against one of his accusers, Melanie Kohler.

79 Hollywood and Media Heavyweights Accused of Sexual Misconduct Since Harvey Weinstein

James Toback. Mark Halperin. Halperin sexually harassed five women while political director at ABC News over a decade ago. Halperin issued a lengthy public apology. Actor Anthony Rapp told Buzzfeed that Spacey made a sexual advance on him three decades ago when Rapp was More than a dozen other individuals subsequently came forward with claims of sexual harassment or assault, including an anonymous former actor who said Spacey tried to rape him when he was Fallout: Spacey apologized to Rapp and also came out as gay, which was widely criticized.

Netflix since announced that "House of Cards" would end and halted production on the sixth and final season. The Old Vic theater in London, where Spacey was artistic director, also opened a confidential tip line. Five women accused C.


Steven Seagal Accused of 1993 Rape: ‘Tears Were Coming Down My Face’

The comedian later admitted the allegations were true in a statement, stopping short of apologizing for the behavior. Dustin Hoffman. Anna Graham Hunter, who worked with Hoffman as a production assistant, said Hoffman attempted to grope her four times and made a lewd comment while on set. Jeremy Piven. Actress Cassidy Freeman later accused Piven of "predatory behavior. Westwick denied the allegations, calling them "provably untrue.

Fallout: Westwick said he was "cooperating with the authorities" on an investigation to clear his name. Andy Dick. Roy Price. Chris Savino. Fallout: Nickelodeon fired Savino, but will continue to air and produce the show. Savino has since apologized. Andrew Kramer. Lionsgate international COO Kramer was investigated for an accusation of inappropriate behavior toward a female assistant.

Three women anonymously spoke with TheWrap claiming Baker, an E! News correspondent, sent inappropriate text messages and in one instance groped a woman at a party. Fallout : E! Ben Affleck. Burton and I sincerely apologize. Andy Signore. Actor Tyler Cornell filed a police report claiming the agent sodomized him. And teen Brady Lindsey described predatory behavior by Grasham. Rick Najera. Actress Rachel Bloom sent an email to participants warning of his behavior. David Corn.

On Deadly Ground Cast and Crew - Cast Photos and Info | Fandango

Mother Jones' Washington Bureau Chief was investigated for the second time in three years for claims of inappropriate physical conduct and "rape jokes" in light of two emails from former staffers in and , according to Politico. Fallout : Mother Jones' CEO said that in the initial investigation, they determined there was "no misconduct. Kirt Webster. Former country singer Austin Rick accused Webster, a veteran Nashville publicist, of repeatedly sexually assaulting, drugging and violating him in when Rick was Fallout : Webster will step down from his company Webster Public Relations and the company's name will be changed.

Three additional women later accused Guillod of rape. Fallout : Guillod announced he would take an immediate leave of absence from the company. Barth also approached the LAPD to revive her attempt to bring criminal charges. Several female employees at The New Republic, where Fish is president and publisher, came forward about workplace interactions that have made "an uncomfortable environment," according to the New York Times. Fallout : The magazine's owner Win McCormack asked Fish to remain on a leave of absence, pending an investigation.

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Actor Terry Crews disclosed on Twitter that a Hollywood executive "groped his privates," and he named Venit and described in detail to Good Morning America his accusation. The agency stripped him of his position as head of the motion picture group but has kept him as an agent. The legendary former New Republic editor responded to multiple allegations of sexual harassment with a statement saying, "For my offenses against some of my colleagues in the past I offer a shaken apology and ask for their forgiveness.

Fallout: The financial backer of a culture magazine Wieseltier had planned to launch announced that the magazine was suspended. Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner was accused of offering to trade sex for work by freelance journalist Ben Ryan.

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  • Wenner acknowledged the incident but denied any instance of quid pro quo. Fallout : Warner Bros. Television fired Kreisberg. Jeffrey Tambor. Van Barnes, a transgender actress and former assistant to Tambor, posted a private accusation to her social media but had no additional comment for the media. Trace Lysette , another "Transparent" actress, also came forward claiming Tambor sexually harassed her. Fallout: Amazon is conducting an investigation. Following reports that the show was exploring options to write Tambor's character out of the show, Tambor issued a statement stepping away from the show, though Amazon and Tambor have not come to an official decision to part ways.

    Following Dreyfuss coming out in support of his son Harry's accusations against Kevin Spacey, writer Jessica Teich told Vulture that while working together, Dreyfuss exposed himself to her, made numerous advances over months and created an unsafe work environment. Actor Anthony Edwards said producer and director Goddard molested him when he was a child and raped his friend over the course of several years. Goddard's publicist Sam Singer "unequivocally" denied the accusation and said Goddard was a "mentor, teacher and a friend" to Edwards.

    Model Scott R. Brunton told THR that after two drinks with Takei, he passed out and awoke with his pants down around his ankles and Takei was "groping my crotch and trying to get my underwear off. Fallout : Takei said he was "shocked and bewildered" by the claims.

    A recent clip from the Howard Stern Show in which the host and Takei talk about grabbing men's genitals has since gone viral. Former intern Amy Rose Spiegel accused Blackwell, Billboard's Chief Strategy Officer, of sexually harassing her when she was 19, along with other women who reported directly to him.

    Fallout: Blackwell resigned from his position with Billboard. New York Times political reporter Glenn Thrush was accused of sexual misconduct by several female journalists.

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    Vox had obtained text messages between Thrush and a year-old journalist in a larger report alleging unwanted groping and kissing. Thrush issued a full statement he's never offered mentorship or advice with an expectation of something in return. Radio host Leeann Tweeden said sitting U.

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    A second woman also came forward accusing Franken of inappropriately grabbing her. Six women in all came forward. Franken also apologized to Tweeden though he denied the specifics of some of the accusations against him. All of Seagal's previous films made money, but Under Siege was his first bona fide blockbuster. Then came his directorial debut On Deadly Ground , and his career went from red-hot to lukewarm, and then to ice-cold.

    For some reason, you don't see Schwarzenegger fighting the undead in direct-to-DVD cheapies these days. On Deadly Ground casts Seagal as a dead-eyed, richly compensated goon for evil oil tycoon and bolo-tie enthusiast Michael Caine, who appears to have dyed his hair jet-black with the same printer cartridges Creed used to look younger on The Office. Now compare it to the dismissive way he introduces Caine. The film subtly sets up Seagal's waning moral compass by having his old pal Crusty McOldguy grouse, "You used to be a good man, Forrest.

    Now you're nothing but a whore. Seagal takes frequent gulps from his pocket flask in an attempt to dull the pain of fighting for the forces of super-evil, but his slumbering conscience awakes when he spies veteran tough guy Mike Starr abusing an Eskimo in a bar.

    On Deadly Ground Trailer

    Our hero challenges Starr to something called "the hand-slap game. If Starr manages to slap Seagal's hands, then he gets to live out the dreams of you, me, and every decent person on Earth, and punch Seagal right in his fucking face. I should probably mention here that I was a Seagal fan growing up; he actually figures prominently in a key chapter in my upcoming memoir.

    But a key part of growing up is realizing that things we swallowed uncritically as children are, to borrow a phrase from Sir Zodiac Motherfucker, wack as fuck, and do not, in fact, own, as we previously imagined. Starr is quickly defeated.

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    Just when it appears that the film couldn't get any deeper, Seagal mirrors Starr's existential angst by confiding, "I do too. This whiplash-inducing tonal shift from dumb-ass action-movie rowdiness to achingly sincere pseudo-mystical mumbo jumbo encapsulates the film's singular lunacy, though it often comes off like a piss-poor remake of Tom Laughlin's similarly schizophrenic, similarly piss-poor Billy Jack.

    Come for the ass-kicking, things blowing up, and tough-guy banter, stay for the mystical horseshit and heavy-handed lectures on the importance of protecting Mother Earth. There you have it, folks: Getting your ass whooped by Steven Seagal is a profound spiritual event with life-changing, transformative ramifications.

    Seagal must have beaten his own ass pretty badly in one of the deleted scenes, because before long, he's having a life-changing epiphany of his own. Seagal learns from Crusty McOldguy that Caine is using dangerous, malfunctioning instruments to extract oil, so that oil rights won't revert back to the Eskimos. In retribution, Caine henchman John C. McGinley delivers perhaps the bloodiest variation on the old "there's no 'I' in 'team'" spiel in film history as he terrorizes Crusty McOldguy. Or at least I think it's McGinley.

    Judging by his sinister goatee, it could very well be John C. McGinley's evil twin. After nearly getting blown up in an explosion that could demolish a city block but leaves Seagal with only the faintest bruises, the protagonist is nursed back to health by sexy Eskimo sexskimo? Joan Chen and her father, who thinks Seagal is a bear. Everybody gets set straight with more of the film's patented mystical mumbo jumbo. The white man has done many horrible things to Native Americans, but the following fantasy sequence could very well be the worst:.

    By Kim Newman Posted 1 Jan Release Date:. The fuzzy thinking allows for gorgeous outdoor photography and a few too many dead spots, but Seagal the director shows real muscle by staging one of the screen's best-ever exploding helicopters and allowing Seagal the star to spit out tough talk, as when he refuses to shoot Caine because, "I don't want to dirty my bullets.