Best practices for social work with refugees and immigrants

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If it is a simple issue we might be able to squeeze it inside an upcoming release :. Regarding Drag and Drop I have trouble seeing what is wrong from your description. You can't navigate away from it? How exactly is the workflow here, and where does it fail?

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If you only want the student to be able to answer the H5P once, you can disable the "retry" button in the Drag and Drop question settings. I understand that you can reset attempts by editing the H5P module but we always have situations where we need to remove individual attempts.

I have attached a flow of a quiz. I noticed while doing it that the learner isnt actually returned to the home page so I appologise for stating this was the case.

Using the Lessons Module in Moodle

In Moodle you can also reset a course which will remove all grades, from all modules and from all learners within that course. Whilst doing the quiz flow I realised what I thought was missing isn't actually there in moodle either and must just be an ideal of mine.

Automatic uninstallation

In moodle, can't you choose the person whose grade you want to change on the "grader report page" for editing, then check "override" for the activity that you want to modify, then edit e. That seems's to work quite well here for h5p activities, too, but I am not sure whether our IT staff tweaked the moodle plugin a little bit.

I suspect implementing this for H5P entails creating a special report page, similar to Quiz' page. Specific feedback - shows the feedback for the response to the individual question answers.

You can set feedback for both correct and incorrect answers. General feedback - displays the general feedback for the whole question not the feedback for specific responses within a question. Right answer - reveals the correct answer to each question, whether the student answered correctly or not. Overall feedback - displays feedback for the whole quiz.

Each of the above items then needs to be considered for specific points in time, namely: During the attempt - this is only available when the How questions behave option has been set to Immediate feedback, Immediate feedback with CBM or Interactive with multiple tries. A checkbox will appear below the answer and when ticked the student can submit their response and receive immediate feedback on that response.

Immediately after the attempt - means whatever feedback you have chosen to give will be displayed within two minutes of the student clicking the Submit all and Finish buttons. Later, while the quiz is still open - means after two minutes, but before the closing date if the quiz does not have a closing date, grades and feedback will never be released. After the quiz is closed - you have to set an end date for the quiz to make this option work. Decimal places in grades is concerned with how many digits are shown after the decimal point when displaying overall quiz grades.

This only affects the display of grades in the Gradebook.

Instant Moodle Quiz Module How-to [Book]

Any calculations e. Decimal places in question grades is as above but for individual question grades rather than the whole quiz grade. The default is to keep it the same as the Decimal places in grades field and personally I think that this is the most appropriate as it makes grade comparisons in the Gradebook easier. The Show blocks during quiz attempts field is another security measure that allows you to hide blocks from the students when they take the quiz.

Moodle Tip of the Week - Real-time Interactive Quizzing with the Active Quiz Plugin

If you have links to resources or discussion forums where the students might find the answers to the quiz in blocks then make sure this field is set to No. The Extra restrictions on attempts section is concerned with quiz security and ensuring that your students take the time to sit the quiz properly.

Require a password blocks those students who do not have the password from taking the quiz. Simply type a password into the field but do make sure you write it down! If you have enabled multiple attempts you can use the two Enforced delay options to make your students wait a specific period of time before being able to attempt the quiz again. You will need to tick one or both of the Enable checkboxes so that you can set the value s and time interval s If Full screen pop-up with some JavaScript security is selected in the Browser security field the quiz will only start if the student has a JavaScript-enabled web-browser.

We recommend that staff do enable this option as it also means that the quiz appears in a full screen popup window. This covers all other windows and has no navigation controls so students are prevented from using functions like copy and paste. Overall feedback is feedback that is shown to students after they have attempted a quiz. By specifying additional grade boundaries as a percentage or as a number , the text shown can depend on the grade obtained.

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You will need to adjust the percentages accordingly if you want to use the other grade boundary feedback boxes. The Common Module Settings, Restrict Access and Activity Completion if you have chosen to enable this sections can be completed in the usual way or you can ignore them and just click on the Save and display button.

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You now need to add questions to your quiz. Click on the Edit quiz button to do this see the document entitled Adding questions to your Moodle quiz for more information. Skip to main content Skip to navigation How to add a quiz to your Moodle space Firstly turn editing on and then scroll down to the section you want to add your quiz to.

There are three options: Attempts must be submitted before time expires, or they are not counted. Open attempts are submitted automatically. There is a grace period where open attempts can be submitted, but no more questions answered This means that if a student goes through a lesson and answers a question incorrectly, instead of proceeding on in the lesson, they can be given a different path to address the confusion and provide more practice before being able to continue the lesson.

Manual uninstallation

Another way to use branching decisions is to let students make choices in the lesson, for example you might want to make a decision based simulation. Moodle Lessons have three types of pages that can be linked together. The links between pages are called jumps. The first type of page is called a content page- this is an HTML page, so this could be used for linking a video, discussing an image or explaining a topic with text.

Question pages can also include content, for example you may create an essay page with a link to an article or with an embedded image or video and ask students to use the provided space to explain three key points, or reflect on the piece or critique what was presented. One thing to take note of is that questions are limited to having as many possible answers as you have content jumps.

This means that if your maximum number of jumps per page is 4, you can set 4 possible answers for a multiple choice question. If you want to increase this number, it can be changed in the appearance settings of the lesson module. The final type is a cluster.