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You can also format a new chart using Paste. Select the destination chart and choose Paste Special from the Paste drop-down. Choose Formats and click OK. If you use the same custom cell styles in multiple workbooks, don't spend time re-creating each style. Instead, copy the style from one file to another as follows:. If you want all new workbooks to share the same custom style, open Excel's default workbook, book. Open book. Add the style, then save and close the template file. All new workbooks based on book.

Numbers with a few digits are easy to read. Once you drop in that second thousands separator, numbers become less readable, especially if your data contains lots of them.

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Fortunately, a custom format can reduce the number of digits, making them easier to read, but without changing the scale. To illustrate, we'll apply this custom format to the values in the bottom range so you can compare :. Refer to Create or delete a custom number format for a comprehensive list of formatting codes. Using a Cell Style to identify purpose helps users acclimate quicker. It also provides an easy way to ensure consistency in an organization.

For example, you might use color to distinguish input and label cells. Using a Cell Style is an efficient way to put that convention to work. Let's illustrate this concept by creating a Cell Style for input cells:. Using a Cell Style is efficient for the workbook's author, but it also helps users quickly identify a cell or range's purpose. Adding a background image to a sheet is so easy that you might be tempted to spruce up all your sheets this way. You'll refrain from doing so, of course. To add an image to a sheet's background, do the following:. If you select a range and choose a built-in format from the Format As A Table drop-down, Excel and later converts the range to a Table object.

If the format works for you, but you don't want a Table object, you can keep the format and dump the Table.

Doing so takes a few clicks, but probably fewer than formatting manually. To format the data range quickly using a built-in Table format, do the following:. You'll format a data range with only six clicks or a few more depending on how many times you click the thumb in the gallery. When you use the Number Formats drop-down in the Number group on the Home tab , you're actually applying a style — a style you can control.

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For instance, the Percent style displays two decimal values, and you might want to inhibit all decimal values for percentages. To do so, click the Number group's dialog launcher, click the Number tab, choose Percentage, change the Decimal Places value to 0, and click OK.

We tend to think of these styles as formats set in stone, but they're not. Modify them to suit your needs. However, the smart tags that are already in a protected worksheet perform as expected. Smart tags can be embedded in a workbook so that they are saved with the file.

Only the custom actions of the smart tags are listed in the Smart Tag Actions list.

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To turn on smart tag embedding, follow these steps, as appropriate for the version of Excel that you are running. If you invoke a smart tag action, this is not included in the list of changes made when you track changes in a shared workbook. Cells in a PivotTable or QueryTable are passed to the recognizers when the PivotTable or the QueryTable is created or refreshed in the same manner as normal cells.

The smart tag is removed from any cell that changes as a result of a recalculation, and the cell is then re-evaluated by the smart tag recognizers. For more information about smart tags, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:. Skip to main content. Exit focus mode. Theme Light. High contrast. Profile Sign out.

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  • More Information Smart tags are designed to recognize specific data and then offer action options based on the type of data recognized. How to turn on smart tags Smart tag functionality is turned off by default. Click Proofing.

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    Click AutoCorrect Options. In the AutoCorrect dialog box, click the Smart Tags tab. Click to select the Label data with smart tags check box. In the Recognizers box, click to select the check boxes next to the specific smart tag recognizers that you want to turn on, and then click OK. Click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box.

    Smart tag recognition A worksheet cell that contains data recognized by a smart tag is marked with a purple cell indicator in the bottom-right corner of the cell. The smart tag button appears when the cell is selected or when you move the pointer over the cell.

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    When you click the smart tag button, the actions available from the smart tag are listed. If the active cell contains a smart tag, and you move the mouse pointer over another cell that contains a smart tag, two smart tag buttons appear. If a range of cells is selected, the smart tag button appears only for cells that you move the pointer over. A cell can contain more than one smart tag. Excel can only pass the entire contents of a cell to a smart tag.

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    Excel does support smart tags that span multiple cells. Smart tag persistence You can transfer smart tags from one Office program to another Office program by using the Clipboard. Smart tags remain in a cell if any of the following conditions are true: The formatting of the cell is changed. Rows or columns are inserted or deleted around the cell. The cell is moved.

    The cell is cut or copied and then pasted. The cell is auto-filtered.