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Tanzania Hotels and Places to Stay

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All rights reserved. The islands off the coast, Pemba and Zanzibar, are also part of the republic of Tanzania. Travel preparation Top. The normal tourist season is in January and February when the warm and dry weather is the most agreeable. If you come to see the wildlife of the savannah, the dry season is not the time to visit because many of the animals will have travelled to Kenya then. Local conditions Top. To call for help in Tanzania, dial the following numbers: Ambulance and fire brigade: Police: Airport police: In Tanzania it is customary to add five to ten percent to the bill in restaurants and to give the porter a small amount per suitcase.

Tour guides on safaris are given a substantially greater amount.

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When it is in the UK summertime , it is in Tanzania. When it is in the UK wintertime , it is in Tanzania. The following weights and measures are used in Tanzania: Length: metres Weight: kilos The old Imperial units of measure - yards, pounds and gallons - are still used in some places. If you want to take picture of the locals you should always ask in advance to prevent insulting the Masai or other tribe peoples. On a safari the best time to take pictures is either early in the morning or in the late afternoon with a good long lens.

Water from the tap should not be consumed unless it has been boiled and filtered. Bottled water can be bought in most shops and in hotels.

The Best Time to Visit Tanzania

On the coast and on Zanzibar most people are Muslim. Therefore visitors should always dress properly in clothing that covers shoulders and knees. It is unacceptable to be topless or to swim naked. Shops are open form to Monday - Friday and from to Saturday. Some shops are closed during lunch. Banks are open from to Monday - Friday and from to Saturday.

Most hotels serve local food while the big chain hotels also have Western food on the menu. Usually there is a big selection of seafood such as prawns and lobster. Tropical fruit is another item which is usually included in the meals in the shape of coconuts, Paw-Paw fruit, mango, pineapple and bananas.

The conditions for disabled travellers are not very good in Tanzania. Before you decide you should check with your travel agent if there are hotels with facilities. There are many camping sites in Tanzania.

Tanzania travel - Lonely Planet

Some have standard facilities with sinks, toilets, bivouacs and fire wood while others are more simple. If the camping site is situated in a national park it is necessary to get permission before camping and taking pictures. It is recommended to check out prices and rules before arriving in one of these camping sites.

The hotels in Tanzania are anything from very good and expensive to cheap with a minimum of facilities. Even when the hotel rooms are expensive, there is often the possibility that two people share a single room. This will not happen in the big hotels. The cheapest hotels are almost always full, but luckily new ones are under construction on Zanzibar - among other places. Guesthouses in Tanzania, which are often extensions to local bars or restaurants, are a cheap form of accommodation.