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Even the best business idea calls for some sales and marketing savvy. Learn about marketing, sales, importing, exporting, and using the web well.

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Start a Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses are a popular option for many types of smaller business. For entrepreneurs that start a business from home, generally the costs will be lower, travel expenses are avoided. This guide will help you decide whether starting a business from home is right for you. It also suggests options you may want to consider when starting a home-based business. Becoming a home business owner is a common choice for people who only need a small office.

They may spend most of their time working on their clients' premises. However, working from home may not be an option if it significantly changes the use of your home, or affects your local area, for example if you have lots of visitors. If you rent your home, your lease may include restrictions on using it for business purposes. If you're feeling isolated from other people, Business Gateway and other organisations can provide you with details of networking events.

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You can also network with other businesses using social media. Is there a gap in the market?

Have you tried to buy something that you just can't find? Others may be looking for that product too. Can I do something better? Have you seen someone offer a product or service that you think you can offer better yourself? Consider opportunities in your local area for services such as child care, tutoring, translation, editorial services, dog walking and alteration services.

You could also consider investing in a franchise. The benefits of being a franchisee are that you are your own boss but also have the benefit of working with a central team. There are a growing number of home-based franchise opportunities that you can explore. You may want to consider starting a business while in full or part-time employment, using the evenings and weekends to build your business. This means that you will have money coming in while your business finds its feet. However, you might find it difficult to manage the extra hours and the extra work. Once you have worked out a business idea, you need to create a written business plan.

You may need to buy, lease or rent equipment for your home office and any materials you need for the service you are supplying. Finding and keeping in touch with customers can be a major issue, so investing in a good computer with relevant software and a broadband connection may well be a priority for you. When you're factoring software packages into your start up costs, consider much cheaper or even free options - open-source software such as OpenOffice, Zoho, Google Docs and StarOffice.

It's important to create dedicated work space - it allows you to work without distraction and close the door on work at the end of the day. You might consider marking the area you use for work.

40 Best Home Business Ideas

A spare room with a lockable door or an outbuilding are popular choices enabling home business owners to:. A health and safety risk assessment will be required for your work space. If you're making substantial changes to your home to accommodate your business it may be prudent to get in touch with your local authority regarding planning permission. Using your home as a place of business may also mean you need to comply with particular state, territory and local government regulations.

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You can get a custom report of the business licenses and registrations that may apply to your business by simply entering the type of business you're starting and your business location. Networking is an important way to keep up-to-date with business trends and to create business opportunities and relationships. If you're operating a business from home, consider joining a business association or attending events related to your business.

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To help you get connected, try searching our Events for a business event near you. To set up a comfortable and safe home business environment, you may need new furniture, office equipment and technology like a phone or internet connection. It's a good idea to first work out your business requirements before purchasing anything. It's also a good idea to shop around and compare prices to make sure you're getting a good deal. For tips on creating a safe and energy-efficient work environment in your home, check out our Starting a home-based business page.

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Managing your business finances effectively is crucial to a successful business! You'll need to consider things like:. Although you cannot create a loss with your home office expenses, you can carry them forward to future tax years if you do not have enough business income to use them up in the current year.

Running your own business has both personal and financial perks. Being able to work at night or first thing in the morning is a great boon for those entrepreneurs who are juggling children or other obligations. Mobile phones, faxes and email allow you to interact with your customers and suppliers at any time of the day or night. You can more easily accommodate customers in different time zones and kids' school schedules. Working from a home-based office keeps your overhead costs low as you are not renting office space or phones or paying for office utilities.

The zero commute also saves money on gas and wear and tear on your car. The reduction in fixed costs allows you to be more flexible in your pricing decisions than competitors who must cover those types of costs.

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You can choose to either give more favorable quotes or keep the same pricing as your competition and have a healthier bottom line.