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Use this to open up secret areas and loosen surrounding objects. Swinging: Press and hold the Directional button right or left, and press the X button to perform a running jump when a "pole" is spotted. Once you grab onto the pole you will begin swinging. Jump for a swing pole while standing still by hitting the X button and pressing the Directional button left or right, to grab the pole. Press the Directional button left or right, in the opposite direction of Herc's swing while on a swing pole to change direction.

Picking Up and Carrying and Object: When Herc finds an object that he can pick up and carry press and hold the Directional button right or left to pick up the object. While carrying the object you can move Herc by pressing and holding the Directional button right or left, but remember that with all that weight he can't move very fast, and becomes an easy target for his attackers.

Throwing an object: Once Hercules has picked up an object, move him into position to throw the object by pressing and holding the Direction button right or left. Now press the Directional button right, left, or up for the background to aim where you wish to throw the object. Next, press and hold the square button to throw the object.

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Grabbing a ledge: Press and hold down the Directional button right or left, and press the X button to jump up and grab onto a ledge. The rotating icon in the upper right corner depending on the level reflects current Gifts of the Gods being used by Hercules, and indicates how much energy is left in the meter on the right of the icon. Power Swords: Special Power swords can be used by pressing L1 or R1 to select the desired weapon followed by pushing and holding the square button to fire.

Note: Each Gift of the Gods sword icon you can find increases its amount of energy and results in additional time Hercules can use the weapon against his enemies. Large Coins Gold : Collect for bonus points awarded at the end of the levels. Herculade Bottles: Collect to restore health. Hercules Action Figure: Collect to increase the Herometer. Hercules Vase Small Vase : Collect to earn an extra life. Hermes Sandals: Instantly increases Hercules' speed allowing him to smash through certain rocks and boulders. A word of caution: Hercules can't smash through everything.

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Sonic Sword: Affects enemy targets at close range with a circular sonic blast when selected and fired. Lighting Sword: Shoots lightning any direction Hercules aims when selected and fired. Fireball Sword: Shoots fireballs that seek out onscreen enemies when selected and fired. D "Damsel in Distress" Move right and jump up to get the coins. Continue right and press the square button in front of the dummies to break them. Jump up and press the square button to smash the last 4 dummies. Afterwards, rescue the D. D and get the coin that drops down.

Continue right and jump onto the bar with all the dummies hanging off of it.

Don't smash them with the sword, or the bar will be too high to jump onto it. Stand in the middle of the bar and press the X button to jump, while holding down the down arrow, so that Hercules does a M. Mid Air Ground Slam. Keep doing this until you break all the dummies and the bar is raised up to the top.

Once the bar is all the way raised up, jump up to get all the coins and the letter "H". Drop off the right side of the bar, and get the "damsel in distress" and coin that drops down. Continue forward to the next test. There will be dummies moving back and forth. Press the square button to smash the first one, then get the coins. Now, smash the next one. You can't get the D. Move right, going under the block that Phil has just raised. Hold down the right arrow run then jump up, getting the next coins on the right and watching out for the dummies that are falling.

If you miss any, don't worry because you can go back and get them after the dummies have all smashed to the ground. Continue right, jumping up to get the next set of coins along the way. Keep going until you come to a bar with several dummies hanging from it. Jump up and get the 3 coins, then wait for the bar to get close to Hercules and jump onto it. Move to the middle of the bar and there will be a smaller bar sticking out above you. Jump up to it, and Hercules will spin around it. Whichever way you want him to spin, press that direction on the controller.

Get all the coins and the letter "E". Now, do a M. Mid-Air Ground Slam and smash all the dummies.

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Drop off the right side, and get the D. Continuing on, the next set of test dummies will be swining around in a circle. Get close to them, and press the square button to smash them. Keep hitting them and eventually they will break. Do the same thing with the next set of dummies, and the D. Get her, the extra Hercules and coins, then move right again. Before moving under the raised block, jump up to the get the lightening bolt, and Herculaide along the way. Continue right, jumping up to get the 3 coins, then jump onto the lowest cliff ledge.

Get the Herculaide and coin, then jump up to the next ledge getting another Herculaide and more coins. Finally, jump to the top getting the next lightening bolt along the way. At the top, press the R1 button until the lightening bolt shows in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Hold down the square button, and press the right and left arrows. Lightening will shoot out of Hercules sword, smashing the mechanical birds. Now, move right to the place where the rock looks broken on top of the cliff.

Perform a M.

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S, and Hercules will fall through. S As he falls, he will get some coins and the letter "C". At the bottom, jump to the left getting the vase, then jump right to get more coins and the letter "R". Climb out of the hole, and move to the right.

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  6. Stop at the ledge before dropping down. Soon as you drop down hold the right arrow and quickly make your way across, jumping up to get the invinciblity helmet along the way. If you don't, all of the log bridge will fall out from under you. On the other side, drop back down to the left and get more coins. Afterwards, make your way back to the right again and climb onto the ledge. Press the R1 button until the helmet shows in the upper right hand corner. Now, the sworms of birds can't hurt you. Smash all of the mechanical birds, then drop down to the right, swinging your sword to smash more birds.

    Run to the right and jump over the pits of water to get the coins. If the shark jumps out, hit him with your sword. Now, there will be another bridge of logs like the last one. As before, quickly run across, jumping up to the coins along the way.

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