Best practices for social work with refugees and immigrants

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Each university will have different thresholds for students to get into their university. You should try and read up as much as possible to complete this course, and one way to do this is taking online courses or reading up on practise books.

How to apply for postgraduate courses

Although you are a graduate, you need to apply through UCAS. If you remember back to when you were applying for university, you can only apply to 4 universities, and you will need to submit both a personal statement and reference to the UCAS website. You can either apply for the GEM or the usual 5 year course, so it is wise to consider applying to both, due to the competitiveness of GEM.

However, you should check your universities policies, as some universities will automatically consider you for the 5 year route if you are unsuccessful in applying to the 4 year course. Schools Offering GEM.

Can you tell me about yourself?

I got into my stride and I ended up achieving much higher grades than I thought I could, finishing up with a first. Suddenly medicine was a option.

I started in September and am loving it. At Warwick we see patients on a ward for an afternoon a week during the first year. Topics Studying postgrad Guardian Students.

Graduate Entry to Medicine

Our staff. Patient Partners.

About the School of Medicine Our vision. Dr Roger Tisi, GP lead. Our research. We have a number of established institutions and groups that carry out ground-breaking research. Discover more.