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Jiddu Krishnamurti: world philosopher — : his life and thoughts. Delhi : Motilal Banarsidass. Zaehner, Robert Charles 12 March The Times Literary Supplement. London : Another institution was later organized in Canada ; KFA Krishnamurti Foundation of America mission statement, similar in all Foundation charters. Copyright for the great majority of Krishnamurti's work is held by the Foundations individually or in joint ventures such as K Publications ; Williams , pp.

However, certain editions of early works are in the public domain within several jurisdictions. The matters of ownership and administration of intellectual property rights for Krishnamurti's work and of other assets became entangled in disputes that started in the s, and in long-running litigation that formally begun in Most of the copyright and other legal matters were resolved prior to Krishnamurti's death in , while the remainders were settled shortly after he died.

Per the legal settlements , certain Krishnamurti-related materials were deemed property of his erstwhile close friend, associate, and business manager D. Rajagopal or of entities affiliated with him. Other material remained part of the library collections in the Huntington Library at San Marino, California , where it had been donated by D. Rajagopal in the s and s; Lilliefelt Related report by a Krishnamurti Foundation trustee. At the time, Krishnamurti was variously labeled in library, bibliographical , reference , and trade sources as an "Eastern philosopher" , " Theosophist ", "Eastern mystic" or just "Mystic" , " Guru ", "Spiritual" or "Religious" "leader", "teacher" or "philosopher", etc.

His works were classified accordingly; it was not unusual for the same work to be found under the categories "Mysticism", "Psychology", "Hinduism", "Eastern religions", "Philosophy", "Education", or "Self-help", sometimes in the listings of the same source. Since the publication of the earliest works and as of [update] his works have been classified either by his given name Krishnamurti or by his family name Jiddu , or in a few cases variations such as Jeddu , usually pre ; in general, he was often referred to by the given name only.

The majority of the results were electronically downloadable MP3 -formatted renditions of his public talks and discussions. The author of this first, and of several other early works was listed as Alcyone , a pseudonym assigned to Krishnamurti by Charles Webster Leadbeater. Lutyens , p. There has been considerable skepticism among Krishnamurti's biographers and others about Krishnamurti's true role in the production of works originally published as authored or co-authored by so-called Alcyone ; M. Lutyens , "Chapter 3: The Discovery" pp. Leadbeater, an influential Theosophist, was the person who "discovered" Krishnamurti as the possible "vehicle" for the new Messiah , and was in charge of preparing him for his "mission".

Classic Catalog. New York Public Library. YBEA Herald of the star [call no. Lutyens states the subject of this talk as being "Theosophy and Internationalism". It begins, "As it is December 28th, you are all probably expecting something miraculous, Lutyens , pp. Krishnamurti This is the true Indian problem. This is a hard lesson and, perhaps, an unwelcome one. Krishnamurti c. These originally appeared in Chetana in the s and early s, and were collected in seven volumes, published between and The whole series was reissued in In author J.

Krishnamurti eds. Review positive. Rajagopal "Raja", — , had moved in Krishnamurti's circle since early youth. After the death of Krishnamurti's brother Nitya in , he replaced him as Krishnamurti's frequent travel companion and aide, and as official of the SPT. Following the dissolution of the Order of the Star, and until the late s, he served as the head or co-head of a number of successive corporations and trusts, chartered to publish Krishnamurti's talks, discussions and other writings, and also to organize and finance his itinerary. Comprehensive review positive. The work received an unusual mini-review in a journal on general semantics.

Krishnamurti b , p.

Ebook The Collected Works Of J Krishnamurti What Are You Seeking

Lutyens b , "Chapter 8: First Talks in Washington" pp. Krishnamurti b. Krishnamurti enumerated the following as his educational aims: 1. Only the right education, and deep affection between people everywhere, will resolve our many problems including the environmental challenges. It is in communion with people and nature. Krishnamurti's enumeration non-verbatim , edited for brevity.

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Narayan was Krishnamurti's nephew and was involved in his educational projects for many years]. Lutyens c , p. The letters were dictated by Krishnamurti, starting in According to Sloss, the book was edited anonymously by D.

  1. An introduction to luminescence of solids.
  2. Be Hungry (Gentile Disciple Book 1).
  3. Mysterium Coniunctionis.
  4. The Unmerciful Servant.
  5. Rajagopal; Rogers Almost two decades after its original publication, the work received a comprehensive review in an academic journal. Bagby thinks readers will find these discussions "hard going", but states that the book offers "glimpses of the warm humanity which tempers the austerity of Krishnamurti's mind. On his discussions with associates: "Some of the most intense insights have been revealed at these sessions. Interview with David Bohm biographer F. According to Peat, the editing into book form of some of these discussions, brought "tensions" regarding Bohm "to a head", among some Krishnamurti associates who, in Peat's view, "resented their closeness".

    Lutyens b , p. These discussions were edited anonymously into book form by Mary Cadogan , a long-time Krishnamurti associate in England. It was also the Indian way to question everything that was said. This K thoroughly approved of, since faith, unquestioningly accepting the words of another, was to him an insurmountable barrier to the discovery of truth through self-understanding. Krishnamurti d.

    Lutyens a , pp. This source includes the original draft; the reference weblink reflects the edits. September a. Krishnamurti Online [web publisher]. Originally published San Francisco: HarperCollins. At the feet of the master 1st ed. Adyar, India : The Theosophist Office. Wheaton, Illinois : Quest Books. Education as service.

    Chicago: The Rajput Press. Google Books [web publisher]. The Herald of the Star. London: Theosophical Publishing House. XI 9 : — September Groningen, Netherlands : katinkahesselink. Eerde, Ommen : Star Publishing Trust]. Whitefish, Montana : Kessinger Publishing. The Nation and Atheneum. London: British Periodicals. Volumes 1—7 complete series reprint ed.

    Bombay : Chetana. Los Angeles: Star Publishing Trust]. War abolished: one way to permanent peace. Unpopular Pamphlets Series. Sydney : Currawong. Ojai, California : Krishnamurti Writings. Foreword by Aldous Huxley reprint ed. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco. Commentaries on living. From the notebooks of J.

    Series One 1st US ed. New York: Harper. Series Two 1st US ed. Condition: New. More information about this seller Contact this seller Language: English. Brand new Book. The answer to the question, What are you Seeking?

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    The real question, says Krishnamurti, is: 'Why do you seek at all? So begins the search for relief, the search for everlasting peace--through ideas, religions, self-help, self-analysis, etc. But do we know what we are looking for, or are we merely seeking relief from what is happening presently? Are we seeking at that point only an idea, the supposed opposite of the emotion that we are experiencing now?

    Mysterium Coniunctionis

    It is the search that maintains the present emotion and its projected opposite in a state of mutually co-existent conflict, inherently. Seller Inventory AAC Never used!. Seller Inventory X. Trade Paperback. Reliable customer service and no-hassle return policy.

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    Second impression. Seller Inventory X Seller Inventory ING Condition: Very Good -. No Jacket. They are an authentic record of his teachings, taken from transcripts of verbatim shorthand reports and tape recordings. Published by Krishnamurti Pub. Of America About this Item: Krishnamurti Pub.

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