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George Halas, a star player as well as founder and manager, moved the team to Chicago and renamed it the Bears in The reason? The Cubs were already in town and Halas thought football players were bigger than baseball players, so the name should be Bears. America's Team wasn't always called the Cowboys. Initially known as the Steers, the franchise changed its name just a few weeks later to the Rangers, even though there was a minor-league baseball team of the same name in town. The baseball team was scheduled to fold before the start of the season, but it didn't, so then team owners switched to Cowboys to avoid redundancy.

Richards believed the lion was the "monarch of the jungle," and he hoped his team would mimic the animal. This team may be the only one named after a college team — the Fordham Rams. The team's first general manager, Buzz Wetzel, said his favorite football team was Fordham, and owner Homer Marshman liked the sound of the name. At the time, Fordham, Vince Lombardi's alma mater, was a juggernaut. Tapping the region's heritage, Minnesota's first GM, Bert Rose, picked the name Vikings to honor the huge Scandinavian population in the area.

This one was a no-brainer. This football franchise liked the name Giants so much, it named itself after the baseball Giants of New York.

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To make the distinction, the football team called itself the "New York Football Giants," which is still the team's legal corporate name, even though the baseball team left for San Francisco in Playing in one of America's most historic cities, the Eagles have one of the league's most historic names. For those who aren't too familiar with California's gold rush, the team was named in after the prospectors who mined and panned for gold in the Sierra Nevada beginning in Another word for "osprey," the name Seahawks was selected from a contest when the NFL expanded to Seattle in Upon unveiling the name, Seattle GM John Thompson said, it "reflects our Northwest heritage and belongs to no other major league team.

The team went with a fan contest to produce a list of names that an advisory board, consisting of area sportswriters and club executives, could consider. They settled on Buccaneers, a historical reference to the pirates that frequented that region of Florida in the 17th century. The franchise was originally located in Boston and took the name of the Braves, one of the local baseball teams. Founder George Preston Marshall changed the name to Redskins after its first season, which was poorly attended and had huge budget overruns.

Bills vs. Ravens Week 1 Highlights - NFL 2018

But subsequent research has shown that Dietz might have been a fraud as he was "jailed for falsifying his Native American identity to avoid the draft in World War I" , and there were accounts that he was "a German American from Wisconsin who wanted to play football as an Indian to cash in on the fame accorded athletes such as Jim Thorpe, his good friend. Tweets by ThePostGame. Skip to main content. The Ticket.

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Or Ravens? Or Steelers? By: Jill R. Baltimore Ravens Though owner Art Modell tried to buy back the Colts name from the original Baltimore franchise that relocated to Indianapolis, he couldn't.

  1. Buffalo Bills free agents share thoughts on signings.
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Buffalo Bills Buffalo's original All-America Football Conference team was originally named the Bisons, but was changed to the Bills in , when the team held a naming contest. Cincinnati Bengals The city's previous pro football team was previously called the Bengals, so in an effort to keep continuity, then-owner Paul Brown kept the Bengals name when his expansion team joined the AFL in Houston Texans Developed by information gleaned from focus groups, the name Texans beat out Apollos and Stallions for the expansion team that began play in Jacksonville Jaguars Selected through a fan contest, the Jaguars name beat out Sharks and Stingrays when the NFL expanded to this southern city in Miami Dolphins This was picked through a fan contest.

New England Patriots There's no question how this franchise got its name — with Boston as the cradle of the American Revolution, Patriots was a natural. New York Jets In its original incarnation in the AFL, this team was called the Titans, but in , when Sonny Werblin took over, he changed the name to the Jets, which he considered more modern.

Pittsburgh Steelers They were originally named after the local baseball team, the Pirates.

Bills quarterbacks coach David Culley departs staff for Ravens

San Diego Chargers Often referred to as the "Bolts," the Chargers name has no connection to light, lightning or electricity. Tennessee Titans Originally the Houston Oilers, this team played as the Tennessee Oilers for two seasons before team owner Bud Adams took public input and settled on the Titans, because it implies "strength, leadership and other heroic qualities.

Arizona Cardinals If you thought this team was named after the bird, you'd be wrong. Atlanta Falcons Though falcons have no relationship to Georgia, the name beat out Crackers, Peaches, Fireballs and Thunderbirds, to name a few. Carolina Panthers Selected by the ownership group after the NFL expanded to Charlotte in , team president Mark Richardson said, "It's a name our family thought signifies what we thought a team should be — powerful, sleek and strong. Chicago Bears The team was originally located in Decatur and named after the starch company, Staley, that was its key sponsor.

I just wanna ball. Beasley reiterated that feeling Thursday when asked why he chose to sign with the Bills. Here are some of the other highlights gleaned from the parade of press conferences that took place Thursday at One Bills Drive:. General manager Brandon Beane made it clear that center was the biggest item on his shopping list, which is why Morse, at this moment, is the highest-paid player at his position in the NFL. You have to adjust, and a good center takes a little bit of pressure off the quarterback with all the twists and stunts, guys disguising coming up pre-snap.

I was in Carolina for a good while and we had Ryan Kalil and he took a lot of pressure off of Cam Newton, and you go back to the first guy I extended here, Eric Wood. I like to be physical at the point of attack. I just like to do my job, man. I like to help the quarterback as much as I can, help get the offense going the right way, and not be a detriment to the team. Beane said he fully understood why Brown opted against signing with the Bills last year, given the three-man quarterback competition that was about to ensue. But it was a one-year deal and we tracked him and followed him and he caused us some headaches in that first game Brown caught a TD pass , and his tape was good.